Silvermine School of Music

A Comprehensive Instructional Program

A unique program for children

Each student has the opportunity to develop musically and achieve their individual goals.

The season consists of fall and spring semesters and includes:

  • 15 private lessons each semester
  • Monthly group performance workshops
  • Annual spring recitals and special seasonal performances
  • Participation in Young Musicians Festival
  • Competitions (Selected students)
  • Master classes (Selected students)
Chilren's Piano Instruction
12 Piano Symphony

Adult Musician Program

The Silvermine Adult Musician Program features:

  • Private instruction
  • Duo Piano coaching
  • Duo Piano performance
  • Master classes and lectures

An 80-Year Tradition of Musical Excellence

The Silvermine School of Music was established in 1939 by pianist/thereminist Juliet Shaw (1903-1994) whose artistic mission was to promote music, bringing cultural enrichment to the community. She set out to create a musical salon filled with the beauty of music, art, and European antiques where young talent could be developed and seasoned professionals could perform.

In 1958 daughter Sandra joined her mother at the SSOM. Under her direction, the school expanded and flourished, continuing the tradition of nourishing the musical community through combining musical education and excellence in performance.

Silvermine School of Music Concert