Sandra Shaw Murphy was musically trained as a child by her mother, Juliet Shaw, and continued studying piano and organ performance at Hollins  College and Juilliard.  Among her teachers were Edwin Hughes, Edward Steuermann, Alton Jones and Nadia Reisenberg.  At the same time she began her piano teaching career she also started her professional activities with church music.  Today, in addition to directing the SSOM she is Music Director of Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in Fairfield, an active performer in the Silvermine Duo-Pianists which she coaches along with the Darien Community Association Duo-Pianists and Duo-Piano Group of the Schubert Club of Fairfield County.  

In September 2001 Sandra and her duo-piano partner, Rita Lapcevic, celebrated performing together in a 30th anniversary concert at SSOM. Ms. Murphy’s strong interest in mentoring young musicians and her life-long commitment to teaching, performing, and educating has been recognized by the state of Connecticut for achievement in the arts and a lifetime award for “Women in the Arts”. 

Brubeck, "Points on Jazz"
Sandra S. Murphy, piano
Rita Lapcevic, piano

Both Sandra and her sister, Karen, intend to perpetuate the musical legacy of their mother in promoting excellence in music throughout the community.